To strive to inculcate the deep rooted traditional values of love, compassion and discipline.

Pioneer of Sadashiva:

‘Success seems to be connected with action, successful people keep moving.

They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.’

The above quote says that successful people never give up. Though they are failed, they don’t feel that it is dead end. They feel it is a new lesson; they turn the fail block into a stepping stone to success.

It is privileged to say that our chairman has carved niche in Educational field. Sri.Shiva Rao garu is a Post Graduate in Mathematichs. Mr. Rao started his career as a teacher, later HOD in Mathematics. In order to satisfy his passion in teaching, he used to run tuitions. Soon he became a well known educationist and established Sadashiva School. Mr. Rao has 25 years of glorious experience in the field. His disciples are in the field of Medical,Software, Engineering etc.He is the maker who carved the rocks into a beautiful sculptures. His passion in the educational field, his leadership qualities and organizational caliber will help Sadashiva school to reach apex.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

I believe in Nelson Mandela’s words which are inspired me. Education is a lifelong process which is to be imparted with love and care. My motto is to inculcate the education according to contemporary education system by adapting traditional values. We follow activity based learning and encourage child to confront the modern competitive world with his inner ability skills. We encourage our children to believe in themselves and their strengths. Our way of approaching, concepts and imparting skills make the child to change the world.